NA 003

DIN Standards Committee Valves

NA 003-02-02 AA
Valves for potable water supply in buildings

The working committee NA 003-02-02 AA "Valves for potable water supply in buildings" in the DIN Standards Committee Valves is responsible for editing all standards and standardization projects based on all valves for domestic drinking water installations. The working field of NA 003-02-02 AA includes product standards for Angle stop valves and draw-off taps, Nipples and unions, Shut-off valves (e.g. piston valves, ball valves, oblique bonnet globe valves/ straight pattern globe valves) Safety groups / expansion groups and safety valves, water pressure reducing valves, Devices to prevent pollution by back flow according to DIN EN 1717 (e.g. air gaps, backflow preventers, anti-pollution check valves, mechanical disconnectors, pipe interrupters, in-line anti-vacuum valves) in-line hot water supply temperature valves. The NA 003-02-02 AA acts as the German mirror committee in the European standardization of its range within the working group of CEN/TC 164/WG 14 "Valves and fitting for buildings and devices to prevent pollution by backflow" (secretariat: DIN, Germany).

Subordinate Committees of NA 003-02-02 AA

Committee ID Name Sub-committees
NA 003-02-02-01 AK Solenoid valve 0
NA 003-02-02-02 AK -dormant Flow volume regulator with double diaphragm and protection device 0
NA 003-02-02-03 AK -dormant Leakage detectors 0
NA 003-02-02-04 AK Discharge valves/Angle valves (DIN 3509 and DIN 3227) 0
NA 003-02-02-05 GAK Joint working committee NAA/NAW/FNFW: Safety combination with exclusion zone 0
NA 003-02-02-06 AK -dormant Sampling valves 0
NA 003-02-02-07 AK -dormant Circulation valves 0
NA 003-02-02-08 AK Revision of DIN 3546 0
NA 003-02-02-09 AK DIN 3500, DIN 3502, DIN 3512 0


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