NA 003

DIN Standards Committee Valves

ISO/TC 153

Standardization in the field of industrial valves, valve actuators including their attachments, and steam traps. The standardization to include parameters covering interchangeability, valve mating details for actuator mounting, testing, marking, quality requirements, terminology and other relevant parameters.

Excluded :

  • safety and relief valves and other pressure relief devices which are the responsibility of ISO / TC 185;
  • production valves for wellhead equipment and valves for cross country pipelines for the petroleum and natural gas industries which are the responsibility of ISO / TC 67;
  • valves forming the final control element used for industrial process control systems which are the responsibility of IEC / TC 65;
  • valves having an envelope predominantly made of plastics which are the responsibility of ISO / TC 138;
  • valves for sanitary use;
  • solenoids.

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 153

Committee ID Name
NA 003-01-01 AA Basic standards