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DIN ISO 11529
Milling cutters - Designation - Shank-type and bore-type milling cutters of solid or tipped design or with indexable cutting edges (ISO 11529:2013)

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Fräswerkzeuge - Bezeichnung - Schaftfräser und Fräswerkzeuge mit Bohrung aus Vollstahl/Vollhartmetall oder mit gelöteten Schneidplatten oder Wendeschneidplatten (ISO 11529:2013)


This Standard establishes a designation system for shank-type and bore-type milling cutters of either solid or tipped design or with indexable cutting edges with the purpose of simplifying communication between the users and suppliers of such tools. Clause 3 gives an example for the summary and explanation of the designation system. Clause 4 and Subclauses 4.1 to 4.10 list the respective designation symbols according to their position within a designation and describe the corresponding style; some of the types are illustrated by figures. If manufacturers need to give additional information on the designation of tools in order to, for example, distinguish between different corner configurations of cutting edges or to define other details, see Clause 5 for information on the extension of the standard designation. Clause 6 gives additional information on the cutting part material. This standard contains the German version of the International standard ISO 11529:2013 which has been prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 29 "Small tools", Subcommittee SC 9 "Tools with cutting edges made of hard cutting materials". The responsible German committee is Working Committee NA 121-01-15 AA "Fräswerkzeuge mit unlösbaren Schneiden" ("One piece milling cutters") of the Standards Committee Tools and Clamping Devices (FWS) at DIN.

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NA 121-01-15 AA - One piece milling cutters 

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