NA 121

DIN Standards Committee Tools and Clamping Devices

NA 121-07-03 AA -dormant
Tabular layouts of properties for abrasive products

This committee is responsible for the definition of independent and unambiguous descriptions for abrasive tools by means of properties and their values. These properties form the basis for the communication e. g. between supplier and user. In the context of this work these properties shall be defined within conformance classes for the standardization of the data exchange.

This committee defines properties and tabular layouts of properties for abrasive tools in the areas of:
- Bonded abrasive tools with bore or threaded insert,
- Bonded abrasive segments, honing tools, abrasive bars and grindstones,
- Abrasive pencils and abrasive wheels with thread inserts,
- Super abrasive tools with diamond or boron nitride,
- Non rotating tools and honing tools with diamond or boron nitride,
- Abrasive tools on base,
- Tools for dressing and profile trueing of grindig tools,
- Holder and chuck tools for rotating and stationary grinding and drfessing tools,
- Tools with gemetrically undefinded cutting edges for machining of gears,
- Master gears and trueing gears for involute teeth.


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