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DIN EN 15955-1
Railway applications - Track - Demountable machines and associated equipment - Part 1: Technical requirements for running and working; German version EN 15955-1:2013

Title (German)

Bahnanwendungen - Oberbau - Ausgleisbare Maschinen und zugehörige Ausstattung - Teil 1: Technische Anforderungen an das Fahren und den Arbeitseinsatz; Deutsche Fassung EN 15955-1:2013


This European Standard EN 15955-1 has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 256 "Railway applications", the secretariat of which is held by DIN (Germany). The responsible German committee is NA 087-00-01-02 UA "Gleisbaumaschinen und -geräte" ("Track construction and maintenance machines") of the Railway Standardization Committee (FSF). This standard specifies the technical requirements to minimise the specific railway hazards of self propelled demountable machines and associated equipment, which can arise during the commissioning, the operation and the maintenance of these machines when carried out in accordance with the specification given by the manufacturer or his authorised representative. This standard deals with machines that are not designed or intended to operate signalling and control systems.

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Responsible national committee

NA 087-00-01-02 UA - Track construction and maintenance machines  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 256/SC 1/WG 5 - Track construction and maintenance machines  

Edition 2013-08
Original language German
Translation English
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