NA 066

DIN Standards Committee Nonferrous Metals

NA 066-03-11 AA
Rare Earth

The working committee NA 066-03-11 AA "Rare Earths" acts as the German mirror committee to ISO/TC 298 "Rare Earth". Its task is to mirror the work of ISO/TC 298 on a national level, to contribute the German position to the work of ISO/TC 298 and to actively participate in shaping it. In due course, the working committee will decide whether the results of the work of ISO/TC 298 should be translated into German and incorporated into the DIN body of standards. The field of activity covers the preparation of standards along the entire value chain and includes the extraction of rare earths as well as their concentration, extraction, separation and conversion into high-grade SE compounds/products and can be divided into the following seven subject blocks, 1. basic standards 2. testing and analysis methods 3. mining and processing 4. reuse and recycling 5. product standards 6. sustainability 7. origin and traceability


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