NA 066

DIN Standards Committee Nonferrous Metals

NA 066-03-10 AA

The working committee NA 066-03-10 AA "Lithium" acts as the German mirror committee to ISO/TC 333 "Lithium". Its task is to accompany the work of ISO/TC 333 at national level, to contribute the German position to the work of ISO/TC 333 and to play an active role in shaping it. In due course, the working committee will decide whether the results of the work of ISO/TC 333 should be translated into German and incorporated into the DIN body of standards. The scope of the new Technical Committee includes the preparation of standards for the extraction, separation and conversion of lithium into useful lithium compounds/materials. The work program also includes terminology, the description of technical delivery conditions to overcome transportation difficulties, and the definition of uniform testing and analytical procedures to improve the overall quality of lithium products. The scope of ISO/TC 333 "Lithium" explicitly excludes the normative approach of batteries and the topic "recycling of battery raw materials".


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