NA 054

DIN Standards Committee Plastics


Standardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of plastics including processing (of products) by assembly in particular, but not limited to, polymeric adhesives, sealing, joining, welding.

Excluded: rubber, lacquers.

Note 1: By agreement, standards in relation to thermoplastic elastomers are developed and maintained by ISO/TC 45 and by ISO/TC 61.

Note 2: Jointing technology (including equipment and training) between plastic pipes (including all types of reinforced plastics), and/or fittings, valves and auxiliary equipment, and the assessment of the properties of the resulting joints are developed and maintained by ISO/TC 138.

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 61

Committee ID Name
NA 054 BR Steering Committee of DIN Standards Committee Plastics