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DIN 938
Studs - Metal end ≈ 1 d

Title (German)

Stiftschrauben - Einschraubende ≈ 1 d


This standard specifies size M3 to M52 coarse pitch thread and M8x1 to M52x3 fine pitch thread studs with a thread length at the stud bm of approximately 1d, of product grade A. With respect to the previous document, the scope has been rendered more precise, the shaft diameter ds has been incorporated, the technical delivery conditions have been updated, and zinc flake coatings and further examples of designation have been added, amongst others. This document has been prepared by Working Committee NA 067-00-02 AA "Verbindungselemente mit metrischem Außengewinde" ("Fasteners with metric external threads") at the Fasteners Standards Committee (FMV).

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NA 067-00-02 AA - Fasteners with metric external thread  

Edition 2012-12
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