NA 067

DIN Standards Committee Fasteners


Standardization of fasteners and fastened connections, including:

  • terms and definitions,​
  • dimensions and tolerances,​
  • mechanical, physical and functional properties,​
  • fastener coatings and finishes,​
  • test methods,​
  • acceptance and quality procedures,​
  • design and calculation of fastened assemblies/joints,​
  • assembly methods,​
  • assembly/joint qualification.
  • The term fastener covers all types of products designed to mechanically join two or more parts to form a solid or movable fastened connection or to contribute essentially to establish this function, such as bolts, screws, nuts, washers, pins and rivets.

    Assembly/joint qualification includes qualification of the assembly/joint, the assembly tools as well as the qualification of the personnel.


  • Fasteners for aerospace applications, keys, and hose clamps.
  • National mirror committee of ISO/TC 2

    Committee ID Name
    NA 067 BR Advisory Board of DIN Standards Committee Fasteners