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DIN EN 50600-3-1 ; VDE 0801-600-3-1:2016-08
Information technology - Data centre facilities and infrastructures - Part 3-1: Management and operational information; German version EN 50600-3-1:2016

Title (German)

Informationstechnik - Einrichtungen und Infrastrukturen von Rechenzentren - Teil 3-1: Informationen für das Management und den Betrieb; Deutsche Fassung EN 50600-3-1:2016


In the modern information society, data centers are the switching and storage centers for the electronic exchange of information. The steadily increasing performance requirements for data centers and the still unchecked increase in their energy demand call for recognized technical specifications that enable the planner and the operator to plan, expand and operate a data center in accordance with the state of the art in a future-proof manner. These include requirements for the availability of the data center's services, its energy efficiency and economic aspects. Although there are in fact standards for the components and subsystems used in data centers (for example, for uninterruptible power supplies), a standard suitable for the European market for the design, planning, procurement, integration, installations, operation and maintenance of facilities and infrastructures within data centers is still missing. To fill this gap, Germany has therefore requested CENELEC/TC 215 "Electrotechnical aspects of telecommunications equipment" to prepare the EN 50600 series of European standards. The primary function of a data center is typically to house a large number of computing and telecommunications devices, which has implications for design, operation and physical security. Most data centers may have special security requirements. Therefore, the design of a data center needs to be carried out by the designer and the various technical disciplines supporting him or her in the planning and execution of the data center design, such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, security, and so on, in collaboration with the IT and telecommunications staff, network experts, the building engineer, the IT end users, and any other staff involved. Part 3-1 specifies processes for the management and operation of data centers. The main focus is on operational processes to ensure resilience, availability, security and energy efficiency. The secondary focus is on management processes to align the actual and future demands of users. The transition from planning and building to operation of a data center is considered as part of the acceptance test process in Clause 4. This standard has been prepared under the standardization mandate (mandate) M/462 "Standardisation in the field of ICT to enable efficient energy use in fixed and mobile information and communication networks" issued to CENELEC by the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association. The responsible committee is DKE/GUK 715.5 "Data centers" of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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DKE/GK 719 - Rechenzentren  

Edition 2016-08
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