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Documents withdrawn without replacement of NA 022

Number: 17

DIN EN 130200 2020-04-30 Sectional specification: fixed tantalum capacitors with solid or non-solid electrolyte; German version EN 130200:1993 More  Comment 
DIN EN 130201 2020-04-30 Blank detail specification: fixed tantalum capacitors with solid electrolyte, porous anode (sub-family 3); German version EN 130201:1993 More  Comment 
DIN EN 134000 2020-04-30 Generic specification: Variable capacitors (Qualification approval and capability approval); German version EN 134000:1994 More  Comment 
DIN EN 134101 2020-04-30 Blank detail specification: Single turn disc trimmer capacitors (Qualification approval); German version EN 134101:1995 More  Comment 
DIN EN 134102 2020-04-30 Blank detail specification: Multi turn concentric capacitors (Qualification approval); German version EN 134102:1995 More  Comment 
DIN EN 134103 2020-04-30 Blank detail specification: Vane type air dielectric capacitors (Qualification approval); German version EN 134103:1995 More  Comment 
DIN EN 134104 2020-04-30 Blank detail specification: Compression type trimmer capacitors (Qualification approval); German version EN 134104:1995 More  Comment 
DIN EN 134100 2020-04-30 Sectional specification: Variable capacitors (Qualification approval); German version EN 134100:1995 More  Comment 
DIN EN 132102 2020-04-30 Blank detail specification: Fixed multilayer ceramic surface mounting capacitors - Assessment level DZ; German version EN 132102:1996 More  Comment 
DIN EN 130100 2020-04-30 Sectional specification: Fixed polyethylene-terephthalate film dielectric metal foil capacitors for direct current; German version EN 130100:1997 More  Comment