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DIN EN 60721-2-2 ; VDE 0468-721-2-2:2016-04
Classification of environmental conditions - Part 2-2: Environmental conditions appearing in nature - Precipitation and wind (IEC 60721-2-2:2012); German version EN 60721-2-2:2013

Title (German)

Klassifizierung von Umgebungsbedingungen - Teil 2-2: Natürliche Umgebungsbedingungen - Niederschlag und Wind (IEC 60721-2-2:2012); Deutsche Fassung EN 60721-2-2:2013


For product applications that are subject - even indirectly - to the influences of precipitation and wind, such influences shall be taken into consideration when selecting suitable test severity grades (IEC 60721-1) in order to ensure their safe use. This Part -2-2 presents fundamental properties, quantities for characterization, and a classification of environmental conditions dependent on precipitation and wind relevant for electrotechnical products. The now announced second edition means a further development of the first one: Clauses precipitation, wind, hail, snow, rain and driving rain, icing, blowing snow and wind force have been modified; in particular, quantities or data that are not valuable have been removed, formulas have been revised or newly added (impact energy), numerical values have been adjusted and definitions of terms have been brought into line with those of meteorology. The responsible committee is DKE/K 131 "Umgebungsbedingungen, Klassifizierung und Prüfungen" ("Environmental conditions, classification and methods of test") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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DKE/K 131 - Umgebungsbedingungen, Klassifizierung und Prüfungen  

Edition 2016-04
Original language German
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