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DIN EN 60825-1 ; VDE 0837-1:2015-07
Safety of laser products - Part 1: Equipment classification and requirements (IEC 60825-1:2014); German version EN 60825-1:2014

Title (German)

Sicherheit von Lasereinrichtungen - Teil 1: Klassifizierung von Anlagen und Anforderungen (IEC 60825-1:2014); Deutsche Fassung EN 60825-1:2014


The objective of IEC 60825-1 is to introduce a system of classification of lasers and laser products according to their degree of optical radiation hazard in order to aid hazard evaluation and to aid the determination of user control measures. It establishes requirements for the manufacturer to supply information so that proper precautions can be adopted. By application of the standard adequate warning to individuals of hazards associated with accessible radiation from laser products through signs, labels and instructions is intended to be ensured. The standard is intended to reduce the possibility of injury by minimizing unnecessary accessible radiation and to give improved control of the laser radiation hazards through protective features. The responsible committee is Joint Committee DKE/GK 841 "Optische Strahlungssicherheit und Lasereinrichtungen" ("Optical radiation safety and laser equipment") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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DKE/GK 841 - Optische Strahlungssicherheit und Lasereinrichtungen  

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