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DIN VDE 0100-559 ; VDE 0100-559:2014-02
Low-voltage electrical installations - Part 5-559: Selection and erection of electrical equipment - Luminaires and lighting installations (IEC 60364-5-55:2011 (Clause 559), modified); German implementation HD 60364-5-559:2012

Title (German)

Errichten von Niederspannungsanlagen - Teil 5-559: Auswahl und Errichtung elektrischer Betriebsmittel - Leuchten und Beleuchtungsanlagen (IEC 60364-5-55:2011 (Abschnitt 559), modifiziert); Deutsche Übernahme HD 60364-5-559:2012


The requirements of this part of the DIN VDE 0100 (VDE 0100) standard series shall be applied for the selection and erection of luminaires and lighting installations which are part of a fixed electrical installation. These requirements can be extended by additional specifications for special spaces and installations in accordance with the standards of group 7XY of the DIN VDE 100 (VDE 0100) standard series. The following significant modifications have been made with regard to DIN VDE 0100-559 (VDE 0100-559):2006-06: a) additional requirements for connection of the luminaires to the fixed installation have been added; b) requirements for the fixing of the luminaires; c) inclusion of alternative solutions for connecting devices used for through wiring and for connection of luminaires to the supply; d) update of the references. The responsible committee is UK 221.2 "Schutz gegen thermische Auswirkungen/Sachschutz" ("Protection against thermal effects/Property protection") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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DKE/UK 221.2 - Schutz gegen thermische Auswirkungen/Sachschutz  

Edition 2014-02
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