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DIN 40771-2
Vented nickel-cadmium-accumulators - Part 2: Cells in plastic containers with fibre structure plates - Rated capacities - Main dimensions

Title (German)

Geschlossene Nickel-Cadmium-Akkumulatoren - Teil 2: Zellen in Kunststoffgefäßen mit Faserstrukturelektroden - Nennkapazitäten - Hauptmaße


This standard contains information on rated capacities and main dimensions of nickel-cadmium accumulators primarily used for emergency power supplies, emergency escape lighting systems or starting generator sets. For erection and operation of stationary battery installations safety regulation DIN EN 50272-2 (VDE 0510-2), Safety requirements for secondary batteries and battery installations - Part 2: Stationary batteries shall be observed. For traction batteries safety regulation DIN EN 50272-3 (VDE 0510-3), Safety requirements for secondary batteries and battery installations - Part 3: Traction batteries, shall be additionally observed. The responsible committee is K 371 "Akkumulatoren" ("Accumulators") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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Responsible national committee

DKE/K 371 - Akkumulatoren  

Edition 2013-01
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