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DIN EN 60747-15
Semiconductor devices - Discrete devices - Part 15: Isolated power semiconductor devices (IEC 60747-15:2010); German version EN 60747-15:2012

Title (German)

Halbleiterbauelemente - Einzel-Halbleiterbauelemente - Teil 15: Isolierte Leistungshalbleiter (IEC 60747-15:2010); Deutsche Fassung EN 60747-15:2012


This part of IEC 60747 contains the requirements for isolated power semiconductor devices with the exception of devices containing built-in control circuits. These requirements apply in addition to the requirements given in other parts of IEC 60747 for non-isolated power semiconductor devices. Isolated power semiconductor devices should be specified as package-related or heat sink-related devices. The rated and characteristic values should be indicated at a temperature of 25 °C or another defined higher temperature. See IEC 60747-1:2006, 5.12 regarding requirements for several devices in a common enclosure. Following an introductory definition of the isolated power semiconductor device which is a power semiconductor device that contains an integral electrical insulator between the cooling surface or base plate and any isolated circuit, the components of isolated power semiconductor devices are explained in more detail. A switch is an individual device which has a switching function in an electric circuit (for example, a diode, a thyristor, a MOSFET, etcetera), a base plate is a part of the package with a cooling surface that transfers the heat from the inside to the outside, a main terminal is a terminal having the high potential of the power circuit and carrying the main current. In this case, the main terminal can include more than one connector. A control terminal is defined as a terminal having low current capability for the purpose of control function to which the external control signals are applied or from which sensing parameters are taken. A distinction is made between a high-voltage control terminal, this is a terminal which is electrically connected to an isolated circuit element, but carrying only low current for control function and a low-voltage control terminal, which is a terminal having a control function and is isolated from the high-voltage control terminals. Other significant terms are the insulating layer, this is an integrated part of the device package which isolates all high-voltage parts from the cooling surface or from the external heat sink and any isolated circuit, the peak case non-rupture current, a peak current that will not lead to a rupture of the package, ejecting plasma and massive particles under specified conditions and the thermal interface material, defined as material conducting heat between the base plate and the external heat sink. Clause Fundamental rated values (limit values) and characteristic values deals with rated values in more detail. The isolation voltage is the maximum r.m.s. value or direct-current voltage value for a specified duration between the main connections and high-voltage control terminals on one side and low-voltage control terminals and the base plate on the other side, the peak case non-rupture current is the peak current for every main terminal which will not lead to a rupture of the package or ejection of plasma and particles. The terminal (limit) current is the highest r.m.s. value of the current through a main terminal under specified conditions at a minimum tightening torque and a maximum permissible temperature of the terminal. Clause Measurement methods explains the verification of the rated insulation voltage between terminals and the base plate as well as the measurement methods. Clause Approval and Reliability deals with general requirements; it is supplemented by the table containing endurance tests, the table showing the approval-decisive characteristic values for endurance and reliability tests and Table 3 indicating the minimum type and routine tests for isolated power semiconductor devices. The test method for the peak case non-rupture current is explained in Annex A, the measurement method for coating thickness of heat transfer compounds in Annex B and the normative references to international publications with corresponding European publications in Annex ZA. The responsible committee is Subcommittee UK 631.1 "Einzel-Halbleiterbauelemente" ("Discrete semiconductor devices") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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DKE/UK 631.1 - Einzel-Halbleiterbauelemente 

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