Projects of IEC/TC 48

IEC 48/522/DC 2011-03-04 Committees good working practice TC48 More  Comment 
IEC 48/521/DC 2011-02-25 Call for experts for an IEC TC 48 Study Group "Trends and planning" (AG1) More  Comment 
IEC 48/515/DC 2010-03-12 Review of the TC 48 Strategic Business Plan (SBP) More  Comment 
IEC 48/507/DC 2009-05-01 COMMITTEES GOOD WORKING PRACTICE of TC48, SC48B and SC48D More  Comment 
IEC 48/497/DC 2007-11-09 REVIEW OF THE TC 48 STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN (SBP) More  Comment 
IEC 48/484/DC 2007-02-09 COMMITTEES GOOD WORKING PRACTICE TC48 More  Comment