Street art project at DIN Plaza

Wandbrand verschönert Haus der Normung mit Motiv „Abseits der Norm“
Wandbrand verschönert Haus der Normung mit Motiv „Abseits der Norm“

Berlin artists from the "Wandbrand" collective were invited to spray paint the usually gray façade of DIN's main building with colourful versions of the Berlin Bear. The artwork by street artists Damian Yves Rohde (DYR) and Till Jürgens can be viewed until the end of January, when renovation of DIN’s main offices begins. This project is supported by WANDELISM, a group of 150 Berlin artists which has already made a name for itself.

The graffiti will add a splash of colour to the DIN Plaza, at least for a while. Damian Yves Rohde, who designed the picture, explains: "Our motive is 'Beyond the norm'. We are trying to show that standards and artistic freedom can co-exist, and even provide a welcome contrast". It took the artists two days to complete their work.

Ready for new challenges

DIN's 50-year old building in Berlin-Tiergarten is being renovated and will be provided with a new, brighter façade. An open-plan office design is also being introduced. "This renovation exemplifies the changes DIN is going through", says Andrea Schröder, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, "We are no longer 'gray figures' laying down rules, wagging a finger at those who break them. We see ourselves as being in the thick of things whenever German industry, science and society as a whole bring innovations to the market and tap into cutting-edge sectors such as AI, blockchain, IT security or Industrie 4.0. Our work is as colourful as the graffiti itself."

For the duration of the renovation the DIN Group's 660 staff members have been relocated to an office building near Berlin’s Tegel Airport. However, committee meetings will continue to be held in our state-of-the art conference centre at DIN Plaza. Every year roughly 80,000 experts from around the world meet at DIN to develop standards and specifications in all fields.