Future role of BSI in CEN and CENELEC

Information on Brexit

On 23 November 2018, the General Assemblies of the European Standards Organizations CEN and CENELEC approved a plan regarding the role of BSI in these organizations post-Brexit. The transition phase begins from the date the UK withdraws from the EU (which is expected to be 29.03.2019) and ends on 31.12.2020. BSI, UK's national standards body, welcomes this plan.

During the transition period BSI will retain its full member’s rights and obligations, independent from the political agreement or otherwise, between the EU and the UK.

This amendment allows BSI to continue its work within these European bodies.

At the end of this transition period, an external, neutral party will carry out a review to assess whether BSI continues to meet the criteria for membership (as defined in the CEN-CENELEC Statutes and Internal Regulations). In November 2020, the CEN and CENELEC General Assemblies will decide on BSI's continuing status within CEN/CENELEC and whether their respective by-laws need to be updated.


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