DIN to develop AI standardization roadmap

DIN is currently beginning the process of drafting an Artificial Intelligence roadmap. The aim is to act quickly to create a framework for action for standardization that will strengthen the global competitiveness of German industry and make European values the global benchmark.

The standardization roadmap will provide an overview of existing standards and specifications dealing with aspects of AI, and also make recommendations in areas where it sees a need for action. It is being developed by stakeholders from business, science, government and civil society. DIN is orchestrating this dialogue as a neutral platform. The roadmap will play an important role in asserting Germany’s position at the European and international level.

It is a step that will implement the AI strategy of the Federal Republic, for field of action no. 10, as outlined in the strategy document, expressly deals with “Setting standards”. 

The roadmap is being developed in an open and transparent process. Interested parties can contact Filiz Elmas, Head of Business Development Artificial Intelligence at DIN (, 030 2601-2464)

How is standardization involved in AI?

Standardization promotes the rapid transfer of technological research findings to applications. AI is an area where the full (and timely) commitment of the German stakeholders in standardization at national level, and above all at European and international level, can play a decisive part in reinforcing Germany’s position as a leading economy and export nation.

“This is why we are calling upon you to get involved. Do your bit. Because whoever wants to shape the market must define the standards. If we don’t, others will. And that can’t be in our interest,”

says Christoph Winterhalter, DIN Executive Board Chairman.

AI needs European values

At the same time, standards ensure security and engender trust, aspects of crucial significance in a field as sensitive as Artificial Intelligence. They promote transparency and provide a framework that could almost be seen as a “moral compass”. With this in mind, we are currently working with DKE to develop a roadmap sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) on ethical aspects in AI standardization to be used in autonomous machinery and vehicles. This will be an important part of the overall standardization roadmap. “It’s not standardization’s job to decide what is ethical. But we can see to it that technical standards help uphold ethical values,” says Christoph Winterhalter.


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