FOCUS.ICT: Exploiting potentials through standards


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Today a world without information and communications technology (ICT) is unthinkable. In fact, ICT has become an integral part of all aspects of life, whether public or private. Today's ICT-supported business, production and logistics processes reach beyond the limits of individual systems, organizations and applications. Interoperability, IT security and data protection are critical factors for the success of all types of business.

As in all other industrial sectors, standards and specifications ensure interoperability and security in ICT. They foster trust and acceptance, guarantee investment security and promote innovation, especially in converging technological fields. Standards help save time and money. Standards foster innovation.

Prominent experts from industry, politics, research and all areas of society come together to review the relevant areas of ICT, identify the need for standards and specifications in those areas, and help avoid duplication of work. These experts initiate the necessary projects and implement coordinating and corrective measures - at national as well as European and international level, acting within CEN/CENELEC/ETSI, ISO/IEC/ITU, and in industrial consortia at European and international level.

FOCUS.ICT concentrates on complex, cross-disciplinary projects involving several organizations. Its aim is to use the potential of ICT standardization to enhance the competitive strength of the German economy.


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