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Intelligent transport systems - Public transport - Open API for distributed journey planning


The Technical Specification will be adapted in the following way: • OJP will be realigned with the latest Transmodel version and NeTEx issues, where appropriate (e.g. New Modes) • The integration of new modes especially the conceptual equivalency to major multi-modal standards shall be studied and if necessary, adaptions to OJP occur. The idea is to study OSDM, TOMP, TRIAS and GBFS/GOFS. The interactions should be smooth. Interaction between OJP and distribution features will be settled. • OJP is extended as far into the distribution area as it is considered a good idea. For the actual booking and purchase steps, OSDM, TOMP, TRIAS and/or GOFS are to be used. The line we think to draw is: booking. OJP should not transfer personalized information. This results in the following proposed adaptions to fit OJP into a full MaaS roaming environment: o An availability request (with response) o Token/id handling for trips and trip legs (for hand-over) and pushed information during trips. We will need to model bookable items on some level. o OJPFare needs to be extended/adapted. o TripInfoRequest and -Response need to be updated to reflect, information about trips and trip legs and not only vehicle and journey. • All work prepared under the heading OJP 1.1 will be finalised. • EPIAP (Accessibility) minimal profile will be used to verify that the trip planning can make use of it. • The provision of an OpenAPI and REST/JSON derived directly from the XSD shall be studied (eventually using a converter).





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DIN CEN/TS 17118

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Intelligent transport systems - Public transport - Open API for distributed journey planning; English version CEN/TS 17118:2017

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