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Service Interface for Real time Information (SIRI) - Part 6 Control action; English version CEN/TS 15531-6:2024


The CONTROL ACTIONs in SIRI are, of course, expected to be fully based on Transmodel. Transmodel describes all the necessary scheduled information (exchanged using NeTEx) that may be variously referenced by CONTROL ACTIONs, such as VEHICLE JOURNEYs, VEHICLE ASSIGNMENTs, TIMING POINTs, RUN TIMEs, BLOCKs and VEHICLE SERVICEs, DUTies and DUTY STRETCHs, etc. and more generally the detailed production plan. The SIRI CONTROL ACTION Service will complement this with real-time information, mainly based on the concepts described by Transmodel. Transmodel identifies four main groups of CONTROL ACTIONs, as summarised in the following lines: • Vehicle Control Actions • Elementary Journey Control Actions • Composite Control Actions • Interchange Control Actions • Vehicle Detection The CONTROL ACTION description will, of course, need to be articulated with other SIRI services. For example, CONTROL ACTIONs will have to be referenced by Situations provided by SIRI SX in order to complement the cause of the Situation (a CONTROL ACTION may even be the only cause of a Situation). It will also be useful to be able to reference CONTROL ACTION from a service like Estimated Timetable (and more generally all descriptions of Monitored Journeys) in order to provide a list of control actions currently applied on specific Journeys. The SIRI CONTROL ACTION Service shall be consistent with NeTEx whenever this is possible. As a natural complement to the network topology and that timetables, a specific care should be taken to properly relate to relevant elements in NeTEx. • TimingPoint • RunTime • Block and VehicleService for operation. • Duty and DutyStretch describing the driver work assignments. The TS will take into account existing work (will be referenced in the bibliography. The TS will however not be based on it). E.g. Organization name: NOPTIS (Nordic Public Transport Interface Standard) Document reference: NOPTIS IS-PT I RII 2 Publication date: 2012-10-04





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DIN CEN/TS 15531-6

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