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Public transport - Network and timetable exchange (NeTEx) - Part 6 European Accessibility Profile; English version CEN/TS 16614-6:2024


The Technical Specification will define a public transport accessibility exchange format, in order to allow integration of this information into multimodal travel services (e.g. trip planning systems) The TS will provide detailed guidelines to extend the minimal profile (NeTEx part 4) to encompass all necessary information for accessibility. It will provide all necessary information: • For StopPlace (including navigation within a StopPlace between associated StopPlaces and a StopPlace and its environment, also Facilities, Equipments) • For the Vehicle (VehicleTypes and Vehicles) • For the interaction between Vehicle and StopPlace/Quay/BoardingPosition The TS will also provide guidance for the usage of SIRI and OJP and the WI will if necessary create the change requests for those standards. The TS will provide a minimal set of accessibility data that is mandatory and contains an unambiguous description of all other relevant accessibility information to a level needed in some countries (e.g. in France and Germany). The TS will reference relevant use cases and also provides guidelines for the processes. The TS will take into account existing work (will be referenced in the bibliography. The TS will however not be based on it). E.g. Organization name: ERA Document reference: Profile for accessibility Publication date: not yet published Organization name: France Document reference: NeTEx - Profil Français pour l'accessibilité Publication date: not yet published Organization name: Germany Document reference: DELFIplus - Erweiterung von DELFI unter besonderer Berücksichtigung mobilitätseingeschränkter Verkehrsteilnehmer Publication date: 2018





Planned document number

DIN CEN/TS 16614-6

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