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European Foundational Body of Knowledge for the ICT Profession - Part 2: Methodology and User Guide


This document will provide the methodology documentation and practical user guidance in support of a generic underpinning body of knowledge shared by all ICT professionals regardless of speciality. It will support a cornerstone of professionalism, changing the nature of ICT occupations from isolated areas of specialised knowledge to sharing of connected common knowledge leading to enhanced provision of products and services. This document will exclude the IT user community but will cover ICT professionals defined by EN 16234-1. It will support Information and Communication Technology (ICT) stakeholders, in particular: - ICT service, demand and supply organisations; - ICT professionals, managers and human resource (HR) departments; - vocational education institutions and training bodies including higher education; - social partners (trade unions and employer associations); - professional associations, accreditation, validation and assessment bodies; - market analysts and policy makers; and - other organisations and stakeholders in public and private sectors by applying the document as a technical report in support of the reference standard.





Planned document number

DIN CEN/TR 17748-2

Project number


Responsible national committee

NA 043-02-02 AA - Professions for ICT  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 428 - ICT Professionalism and Digital Competences  


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