Electronic fee collection - EETS gap analysis and proposed standards roadmap


This document provides an EETS gap analysis with the aim to identify the need for new or updated standards to provide an enhanced support of the EU EETS legislation. Below a provisional outline of the contents of the document - EETS legislation and relevant standards - Introduction - Standards supporting the EETS definition incl list of relevant requirements and test standards - Gap analysis and proposed EETS standards roadmap - Analysis of the technical elements of the recast EETS legislation and identification of potential need for new or updated standards - Need to update EN 13143 to reflect EN 12813:2019 - Need to update CEN/TS 17154-1/2 to reflect EN 16986:2019/2020 - Overall dealing with ANPR-related based schemes in EFC standards (overall plan, FO and BO requirements and test stds) - Annex A : Correspondence between standards and the EETS legal provisionsProvision of updated tables for consideration in EN 15509, EN 12813, EN 13141 and EN 16986 in view of the recast of the EETS legislation - Annex B: Scoping and resourcing of draft project proposalsHigh-level scoping and estimation of required resources to deliver the pre studies / standard deliverables identified in the gap analysis





Planned document number

DIN EN 00278543

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Responsible national committee

NA 052-00-71-01 GAK - Joint working group NAAutomobil/DKE: Electronic fee collection 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 278/WG 1 - Electronic fee collection and access control (EFC) 


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