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Public transport - Network and Timetable Exchange (NeTEx) - Part 2: Public transport scheduled timetables exchange format


The Technical Specification cover all scheduled timetables (service patterns, service journeys, timetabled passing times, day types, timetable versions, vehicle equipment mainly for mobility issues): - Basic time related data (shared by all the domains): journey patterns, journey times, service patterns, operating days, interchanges, etc. - Passenger information specific objects: passing times, etc. - Data used specifically in the exchanges between the scheduling and vehicle monitoring systems (additional scheduled data, such as blocks and related concepts) - Data used in and/or defined by the vehicle monitoring systems, data linked to vehicle equipment and necessary for passenger information systems (mainly for SIRI) - Additional data related to the exchanges AVMS/passenger information



Planned document number

DIN CEN/TS 16614-2 rev

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Public transport - Network and Timetable Exchange (NeTEx) - Part 2: Public transport scheduled timetables exchange format; English version CEN/TS 16614-2:2014, only on CD-ROM

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