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Smoke and heat control systems - Part 11: Horizontal flow powered ventilation systems for enclosed car parks; German version CEN/TS 12101-11:2022


(1) This technical specification gives minimum design, installation and commissioning requirements for powered smoke and heat control systems for enclosed car parks using horizontal flow powered ventilation, with or without sprinkler protection, on one or more levels, for cars and light commercial vehicles (max 3,5 t), to reach the design objectives outlined in this technical specification.see design objectives in CEN TC191 SC1 doc. N721, 5.1 (1): For any fire location, the system shall keep at least one access route sufficiently clear of smoke for fire-fighters from the exterior or from a protected access route (e.g. stairwell) to a distance of 15 m from the front of the fire. Criteria should be verified when the conditions within the car park have reached a steady-state regime.NOTE: The limit of 15 m is necessary to reach the fire with the jet from the hose nozzle. (2) This technical specification is applicable for fires of cars powered by petrol or diesel or other fuels which will have a fire performance similar to vehicles powered by petrol or by electricity. It is not applicable for other fires within the car park (e.g. storage). NOTE: It is assumed that cars powered by fuels other than petrol or diesel will have a fire performance similar to vehicles powered by petrol or diesel.(3) This technical specification only covers traditional car parks that are with cars parked alongside each other with common access roadways/lanes for cars to be driven in and out. It does not cover other forms of car parking systems, such as stacking systems. Smoke and heat control systems for vehicles more than 3,5 t (lorry parks, coach parks, etc.) are not covered by this technical specification.(4) This technical specification does not cover requirements for day to day ventilation.(5) Any other risks than fire from cars are not covered by this technical specification.





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