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Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 14793
Stationary source emissions - Demonstration of equivalence of an alternative method with a reference method; German version EN 14793:2017

Title (German)

Emissionen aus stationären Quellen - Nachweis der Gleichwertigkeit eines Alternativverfahrens mit einem Referenzverfahren; Deutsche Fassung EN 14793:2017


This European Standard specifies a procedure to demonstrate the equivalence of an alternative method (AM) with the reference method (RM) or the standard reference method (SRM), both implemented to determine the same measurand. In particular, this European Standard provides the statistical tools and different criteria to evaluate the alternative method. This does not release the body performing the equivalence testing from bearing technical and analytical judgement on the evaluation of the different criteria. Three steps are required for demonstration of equivalence: - description of the alternative method and setting of the field of application (measurement range and type of gas matrix); - determination of the performance characteristics of the alternative method and calculation of the expanded uncertainty where appropriate and check of compliance with the maximum expanded uncertainty allowed for the reference method; - check of repeatability and lack of systematic deviation of the alternative method in the field or on a recognized test bench in comparison with the reference method for the type of matrix defined in the field of equivalence. This European Standard requires that a reference method has been defined and validated. This European Standard only considers the case of linear quantitative methods. This European Standard is applicable to manual and automated methods. This European Standard has been drawn up for laboratories working in air quality measurements and consequently an example taken from this sector are presented in Annex A. This European Standard supersedes DIN CEN/TS 14793:2005. The standard differs from DIN CEN/TS 14793:2005 as follows: a) the title and Scope have been rendered more precise as the term "validation" in the field of air quality which had been used before is used in a different context; the validation of a measurement method is already effected by drafting the standard describing the measurement method; the user of the standardized and validated procedure (reference procedure) can then perform equivalence testing of an alternative method by using the reference method. b) symbols and equations have been verified and corrected. c) The example in Annex A has been revised and corrected. d) a new Annex C "Minimum requirements for a test bench" used for the detection of equivalence of emission measurements has been included. This standard is intended in particular for testing laboratories performing measurements in the field of air pollution control. This standard deals in particular with aspects of environmental protection and quality control in emission monitoring. The responsible committee for this standard is NA 134-04-01 AA "Emissionsmessverfahren" ("Emission measurement techniques") at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 134-04-03-10 UA - Emission monitoring by automated systems  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 264 - Air quality  

Edition 2017-05
Original language German
Translation English
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