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VG 95959
Bellows expansion joints - Expansion joints made of elastomers, PN 10 and PN 16 - Design principles, dimensions; Text in German and English

Title (German)

Balgkompensatoren - Kompensatoren aus Elastomeren, PN 10 und PN 16 - Konstruktionsgrundlagen und Maße; Text Deutsch und Englisch


The particular challenge in piping technology is the compensation of movements caused by thermal expansion, compression strain or mass forces. Therefore, bellows expansion joints are essential components for the operation of ship's machinery and are subject to type inspection. This standard applies to expansion joints installed primarily in vessel systems for a maximum pressure range - of -0,08 MPa to 1,0 MPa or -0,8 bar to 10 bar for fuel and oil pipes; - of -0,08 MPa to 1,6 MPa or -0,8 bar to 16 bar for water pipes. For underpressure operation, the restrictions for the respective nominal widths shall be observed. Bellows expansion joints according to this standard are generally not flameproof without a flame protection cover and are not intended for use in aircrafts. Installation and use of bellows expansion joints are restricted by environmental and operational conditions on the one side and by the materials used (elastomer with inlays in manufacturer's option) on the other. This standard provides documentation of dimensions, flange dimension groups with flange materials as well as the permitted movements and the dynamic stiffness. The marking of the resistance classes according to VG 95958 is applied by colour indicating the corresponding permitted temperature range. This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 132-02-09 AA "Kompensatoren" ("Expansion joints") of the Shipbuilding and Marine Technology Standards Committee (NSMT) at DIN.

Responsible national committee

NA 132-02-09 AA - Expansion joints  

Edition 2014-09
Original language German , English
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