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Hydrometry - Vocabulary and symbols (ISO 772:2011); Trilingual version EN ISO 772:2011

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Hydrometrie - Begriffe und Symbole (ISO 772:2011); Dreisprachige Fassung EN ISO 772:2011


In the preparation of this International Standard, the following principles were adopted wherever possible: a) to standardize suitable terms and symbols without perpetuating unsuitable ones; b) to discard any term or symbol with differing meanings in different countries, or for different people, or for the same person at different times, and to replace that term or symbol by one which has an unequivocal meaning; c) to exclude terms which are self-evident. As far as possible terms in existing International Standards have been included; however, these terms may be the subject of future amendments. Note that similar or identical terms may have separate definitions under the different categories. It is recognized that it is not possible to produce a complete set of definitions which will be universally acceptable, but it is hoped that the definitions provided and the symbols used will find widespread acceptance and that their use will lead to better understanding of the practice of hydrometric determinations.

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Responsible national committee

NA 119-01-05 AA - Hydrometry (CEN/TC 318, ISO/TC 113) 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 318 - Hydrometry 

Edition 2011-11
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