NA 041-01-70 AA

The working committee of a standards committee NA 041-01-70 AA "Terminology" is responsible for the development of a standardized terminology for the Standards of the DIN/NHRS. The defined terms should be generally accepted to avoid distinction between different industry sectors. The defined terms shall be used in all national standards and are to be yield into European and International drafts by the German experts. Furthermore the application of the defined terms in Working Committees besides the NHRS should be achieved. The result of the work of the NA 041-01-70 AA shall be a catalogue in which all defined terms of the Working Committee in German and in English are listed. This catalogue is freely available at the homage of the NHRS. The Working Committee acts in accordance with existing DIN, CEN and ISO standards. The rules for the development of definitions are defined in DIN 820-2 and ISO 10241. Regulations for orthography will be considered.


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