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Adhoc group EU 5G Certification scheme support group

Certification of assemblies of equipment

Certification of flameproof enclosure as ex component

Simulation of Energy Consumption during Certification phase

Revision of IEC WT 01, IEC System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Wind Turbines - Rules and procedures

Fans - Laboratory Methods of Testing Air Circulating Fans for Rating and Certification

Security for industrial process measurement and control - Network and system security Part 2-4: Certification of IACS supplier security policies and practices

Printed boards -- Part 3: Safety certification of rigid printed circuit boards for use in electronic assemblies (performance for capability approval)

Survey on the proposal to develop a certification scheme in TC 114: comments on justification and on willingness to participate in such a project

Cards and security devices for personal identification - Building blocks for identity management via mobile devices - Part 6: Mechanism for use of certification on trustworthiness of secure area