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Cement-bonded particleboards. Definition and classification
Edition 1994-02-01

Standards [CURRENT]

NF B54-200

Decorative wood-veneered panels. Definition and classification
Edition 1995-11-01

Standards [CURRENT]

NF B56-010

Wood wool slabs. Definition. Designation
Edition 1980-10-01

Standards [CURRENT]

NF B56-030

Polystyren composite wood wool slabs. Definition. Designation
Edition 1982-10-01

Telecontrol equipment and systems. Part 5: transmission protocols. Section 4 : definition and coding of application information elements
Edition 1994-02-01

Pipework components. Definition and selection of dn (nomianl size)
Edition 1995-12-01

Standards [CURRENT]

NF F62-201

Rolling stock. Coupling gear for electrical power supply to passenger stock. Interchangeability conditions
Edition 1989-04-01

Standards [CURRENT]

NF F70-021

Railway fixed equipment. Modulated switchgear enclosures. Classification, definition of test and approval procedures
Edition 1997-01-01

Standards [CURRENT]

NF G42-101

Textile machinery and allied machinery and accessories. Preparatory machines for fabric manufacture. Pirn winders and cross winders. Weaving preparatory machines. Definition of left and right sides
Edition 1986-10-01

Standards [CURRENT]

NF G91-101

Self-gripping fasteners. Terminology
Edition 1990-06-01