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Standards [CURRENT]

DIN ISO 6936

Information processing - Conversion between the two coded character sets of ISO 646 and ISO 6937-2 and the CCITT international telegraph alphabet No. 2 (ITA 2) (ISO 6936:1988)
Edition 2000-05

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 62328-2

Multimedia home server systems - Interchangeable volume/file structure adaptation for broadcasting receivers - Part 2: General recording structure (IEC 62328-2:2005); German version EN 62328-2:2005
Edition 2006-01

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN ISO 5426

Information and documentation - Extension of the Latin alphabet coded character set for bibliographic information interchange (ISO 5426:1983)
Edition 1998-04

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 60958-4-2

Digital audio interface - Part 4-2: Professional applications - Metadata and subcode (IEC 60958-4-2:2016); German version EN 60958-4-2:2016
Edition 2017-01

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 81714-2

Design of graphical symbols for use in the technical documentation of products - Part 2: Specification for graphical symbols in a computer sensible form, including graphical symbols for a reference library, and requirements for their interchange (IEC 81714-2:2006); German version EN 81714-2:2007
Edition 2007-08

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 62605

Multimedia systems and equipment - Multimedia e-publishing and e-books - Interchange format for e-dictionaries (IEC 62605:2016); English version EN 62605:2016
Edition 2018-09

Standards [CURRENT]


Information technology - Automatic identification and data capture techniques - PDF417 bar code symbology specification (ISO/IEC 15438:2006); English version EN ISO/IEC 15438:2010
Edition 2010-12

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