Additive manufacturing

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Here is a selection of various standards and specifications relevant to the Circular Economy.

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When designing additively manufactured components, DIN EN ISO/ASTM 52911-1 "Additive manufacturing - Design - Part 1: Laser-based powder bed fusion of metals" and DIN EN ISO/ASTM 52911-2 "Additive manufacturing - Design - Part 2: Laser-based powder bed fusion of polymers" provide guidance with detailed design recommendations to enable resource-efficient design.

Reuse of used powder Show

A significant number of additive manufacturing processes are powder-based. Here, the reuse of used powder plays a role with regard to the Circular Economy. To ensure that the component quality is not impaired when using used powder, procedures and standards for characterizing and qualifying the powder are important. DIN EN ISO /ASTM 52925 “Additive manufacturing processes - Laser sintering of polymer parts/laser-based powder bed fusion of polymer parts - Qualification of materials" offers such a process for plastic powders. DIN EN ISO/ASTM 52907:2018‑05 “Additive manufacturing - Feedstock materials - Methods to characterize metal powders " and the aerospace standard DIN 65122:2017‑01 “Aerospace series - Powder for additive manufacturing with powder bed process - Technical delivery specification“ apply to metal powders.