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DIN 69090-2
MQL processing technology - Part 2: Machine

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MMS-Bearbeitungstechnologie - Teil 2: Maschine


This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 121-02-22 AA "Werkzeuge und Werkzeugsysteme der MMS-Bearbeitungstechnologie" ("Tools and tool systems of the MQL processing technology") of the Tools and Clamping Devices Standards Committee (FWS) and Working Committee NA 122-00-12-11 UA "Maschinen und Maschinensysteme der MMS-Bearbeitungstechnologie" ("Machines and machine systems of the MQL processing technology") of the Machine Tools Standards Committee (NWM). DIN 69090-2 contains specifications for machine tools intended for operation with minimum quantity lubrication and describes the technical prerequisites and requirements for these machines. It also specifies requirements for the mechanical and electrical interfaces of the individual system elements in the overall system of the machine to the MQL systems and to the tools with the aim of exchangeability and modular further development. DIN 69090-1 specifies the terms and definitions for system elements in the overall system of the minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) and DIN 69090-3 describes the joints of the tool holder and tools. Thus, the three parts of the DIN 69090 series describe the overall system of the MQL processing technology.

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NA 122-20-01 AA - Tolerances and sizes 

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