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Hearing protectors - General requirements - Part 2: Earplugs; German and English version EN 352-2:2020/prA1:2023


DIN EN 352-2 specifies requirements on construction, design, performance, marking and user information for earplugs. Amendment 1 adds requirements for under-the-chin banded earplugs. In particular, EN 352-2 specifies requirements regarding the sound attenuation of the earplugs, measured in accordance with EN ISO 4869-1:2018. This document applies to earplugs designed for users who are able to follow supplied instructions and understand the related risks, can fit the earplugs correctly and can give feedback on the performance. Ergonomic aspects are addressed by taking into account, within the requirements, the interaction between the user, the device and where possible the working environment in which the device is likely to be used (see Annex ZA and EN 458).





Planned document number

DIN EN 352-2/A1

Project number


Responsible national committee

NA 075-02-01 AA - Hearing protection 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 159/WG 6 - Hearing protectors - General requirements and test methods 

draft standard

Hearing protectors - General requirements - Part 2: Earplugs; German and English version EN 352-2:2020/prA1:2023
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previous edition(s)

Hearing protectors - General requirements - Part 2: Earplugs; German version EN 352-2:2020

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