NA 074

DIN Standards Committee Paper, board and pulps

NA 074-02-01 AA
Chemical-technological test methods for paper, board, pulps and chemical pulp

The working group NA 074 -02-01 AA has to deal with chemical, chemical- technological, microbiological and microscopical test methods for paper, board, pulps, recovered paper and other pulps which are necessary for the paper and board manufacturing.<br /> This working group develops new Standards, reviews existing Standards at national-(DIN), european- (CEN, especially CEN/TC 172 "Pulp, paper and board") and international (ISO, especially ISO/TC 6 "Paper, board and pulps") level.<br /> The working group NA 074-02-01 AA "Chemical- technological test methods for paper, board, pulps and chemical pulp" is the national mirror committee of<br /> - ISO/TC 6 Sub Committee 5: "Pulps" and its two working groups as well as ISO/TC 6 working group 4 "Chemical analysis";<br /> - CEN/TC 172 working group 3: "Analytical methods of the assessment of paper and board in contact with foodstuffs"; - CEN/TC 172 working group 4: "Dirt and shives in pulp and paper";<br /> - CEN/TC 172 working group 12: "Measurement of cytotoxicity".<br />


DIN-Normenausschuss Papier, Pappe und Faserstoff (NPa)
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