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DIN Standards Committee Paper, board and pulps

About NPa

The DIN Standards Committee Paper, board and pulps (NPa) is part of DIN and the responsible committee for the standardisation in the field of requirements and test methods. In detail, the requirements and specifications cover the following areas:

  • raw material(s);
  • pulps;
  • finished commodities and products;
  • ageing resistance;
  • criteria for the assessment of environmental efficiency.

For the examination of the requirements and specifications the following corresponding test methods have to be specified:

  • chemical-technological test methods;
  • optical test methods;
  • physical-technological test methods.

Included are ability tests for inkjet-media as well as test methods for tissue paper, tissue products and non-woven.

The NPa is the National mirror committee of ISO/TC 6 "Paper, board and pulps" (Secretariat Canada) and responsible for co-ordinating the German work for the International (ISO) standardisation.

The NPa is also the National mirror committee of CEN/TC 172 "Pulp, paper and board" (Secretariat DIN-NPa, Germany) and responsible especially for the guidance of the Secretariat of CEN/TC 172.

How is NPa composed?

EN 646 & EN 648

Source for examples of glass fibre papers

One source for the glass fibre papers that meets the requirements of EN 646 and EN 648 is the glass fibre paper MN 86/70 BF (60 mm x 90 mm) with the article/order number 40086/70/001 of a product supplied by Macherey-Nagel.

This information is given for the convenience of users of EN 646 and EN 648 and does not constitute an endorsement by CEN or DIN of the product named. Equivalent products may be used if they can be shown to lead to the same results.


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