NA 074

DIN Standards Committee Paper, board and pulps

CEN/TC 172/WG 2
Paper and board for recycling

The continuing objective of the working group is to review, on an ongoing basis, the nomenclature for the European Standard describing standard grades of 'Paper for Recycling (PfR)' be defining their composition and exclusions, with a view to this being updated at the next periodic review. It is not the purpose of this kind of European standard to specify all the grades of recovered paper that exist in the different markets but rather to define those grades commonly traded in the markets of the European Union (EU). A new objective of the working group is to establish the basic sampling strategies and testing methodologies (in both laboratory and practical situations) to measure moisture content, inclusion levels of non-fibrous materials (predominantly plastics and glass) and inclusion levels of inappropriate fibrous material in the commonly traded grades of 'Paper for Recycling (PfR)', as defined in current revision of EN 643. As secondary objective, ahead of the next systematic review, the working group will also: - identify errors, omissions and issues arising from the current revision of the standard - identify potential future requirements of the standard.

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 172/WG 2

Committee ID Name
NA 074-01-13 AA Recovered paper