NA 109

DIN Standards Committee Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

Oil and gas industries including lower carbon energy.

Standardization in the field of the oil & gas industry, including, petrochemical and lower carbon energy activities. Noting offshore gas infrastructure is included in the scope. The standardization is to be achieved wherever possible by the adoption of ISO standards (ISO/TC 67). Excluded: • aspects related to the petroleum and related products, fuels and lubricants from natural or synthetic sources (covered by CEN/TC 19); • gas infrastructure / gaseous energy carriers from the input of gas into the onshore transmission network up to the inlet connection of gas appliances (covered by CEN/TC 234); • installation and equipment for LNG (covered by CEN/TC 282); • aspects related to biogas (covered by CEN/TC 408); • aspects of offshore structures covered by IMO requirement (ISO/TC 8); • aspects related to natural gas (covered by ISO/TC 193); • aspects related to hydrogen technologies (covered by ISO/TC 197); and, • aspects related to carbon dioxide capture, transportation, and geological storage (covered by ISO/TC 265).

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 12

Committee ID Name
NA 109-00-01 AA Oil and gas industries including lower carbon energy - Mirror committee of CEN/TC 12 and ISO/TC 67