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DIN EN 3660-002
Aerospace series - Cable outlet accessories for circular and rectangular electrical and optical connectors - Part 002: Index of product standards; German and English version EN 3660-002:2016

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Luft- und Raumfahrt - Endgehäuse für elektrische und optische Rund- und Rechtecksteckverbinder - Teil 002: Übersicht über die Einzelnormen; Deutsche und Englische Fassung EN 3660-002:2016


The DIN EN 3660 series of standards describes the characteristics of cable outlet accessories for circular and rectangular electrical and optical connectors for aerospace applications. The new edition of Part 002 includes the product standards covered by the technical delivery conditions EN 3660-001 for cable outlet accessories for use with circular and rectangular electrical and optical connectors according to EN 2997, EN 3372, EN 3645, EN 3646 and EN 3682. The standard differs from the previous edition DIN EN 3660-002:2007-11 as follows: a) the reference to EN 4067 in the scope has been omitted; b) the normative references have been updated and supplemented by further parts of EN 3660; c) in Table 2 the further parts of EN 3660 have been included and descriptions of the product standards have been supplemented in part and related connector standards have been changed. The standards of the EN 3660 series are prepared by the ASD-STAN, Technical Section Electrotechnology, with the participation of German experts from DIN Standards Committee Aerospace (NL). AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe - Standardization (ASD-STAN) has been declared responsible by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) for preparing European Standards (EN) for the field of aerospace. By agreement of 3 October 1986, ASD became the Associated Organization (ASB) of CEN. The responsible German standardization body is Working Committee NA 131-04-03 AA "Elektrische Verbindungselemente" ("Electrical Connectors") at DIN Standards Committee Aerospace (NL).

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Responsible national committee

NA 131-04-03 AA - Electrical Connectors  

Responsible european committee

ASD-STAN/D 2 - Electrical  

Edition 2016-04
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