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DIN EN 4652-113
Aerospace series - Connectors, coaxial, radio frequency - Part 113: Type 1, BNC interface - Clamp nut assembly version - Bulkhead receptacle - Product standard; German and English version EN 4652-113:2015

Title (German)

Luft- und Raumfahrt - Koaxiale Hochfrequenz-Steckverbinder - Teil 113: Typ 1, BNC-Schnittstelle - Klemmverbindung - fester Steckverbinder für Trennwände - Produktnorm; Deutsche und Englische Fassung EN 4652-113:2015


The standards of the EN 4652 series describe coaxial high-frequency connectors which are used with flexible high-frequency cables according to EN 4604-001 and semi-rigid coaxial cables in the aerospace industry. This connector family is derived from connectors according to MIL-PRF-39012. The dimensions of the front are identical and the products can be coupled together. Part 113 specifies the characteristics of bayonet coupling (BNC interface) coaxial bulkhead receptacle - 50 ohms. The cable to connector assembly is a clamp technology. The standards of the EN 4652 series are prepared by the ASD-STAN, Technical Section Electrotechnology, with the participation of German experts from DIN Aerospace Standards Committee. AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe - Standardization (ASD-STAN) has been declared responsible by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) for preparing European Standards (EN) for the aerospace sector. The responsible German standardization committee is Working Committee NA 131-04-03 AA "Electrical Connectors" at DIN Standards Committee Aerospace (NL).

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Responsible national committee

NA 131-04-03 AA - Electrical Connectors 

Responsible european committee

ASD-STAN/D 2 - Electrical 

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