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DIN EN 16601-10
Space project management - Part 10: Project planning and implementation; German version EN 16601-10:2015

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Raumfahrt-Projektmanagement - Teil 10: Projektplanung und Implementierung; Deutsche Fassung EN 16601-10:2015


Project planning and implementation is the project function, encompassing a coherent set of processes for all aspects of project management and control. This is done by: establishing the project requirements and constraints derived from the mission statement; defining phases and formal milestones enabling the progress of the project to be controlled with respect to cost, schedule and technical objectives (that is, project control function); defining project breakdown structures, which constitute the common and unique reference system for the project management to identify the tasks and responsibilities of each actor; facilitate the coherence between all activities of the whole project; perform scheduling and costing activities; setting up a project organization to perform all necessary activities on the project. The scope of this standard is limited to describing the key elements of project planning and implementation and identifying the top level requirements and products that together provide a coherent and integrated project planning across the 3 ECSS branches. Where other ECSS management, engineering, or product assurance standards contain more specific and detailed requirements related to project planning, references are provided to identify where these can be found within the ECSS system. This standard may be tailored for the specific characteristic and constraints of a space project in conformance with ECSS-S-ST-00.

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NA 131-06-01 AA - Space  

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CEN/CLC/JTC 5 - Space  

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