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ISO/TC 171
Document management applications

Standardization of technologies and processes involving capture, indexing, storage, retrieval, distribution and communication, presentation, migration, exchange, preservation, integrity maintenance and disposal in the field of document management applications. Documents may be managed in micrographic or electronic form.</p> This includes:</p> quality control and integrity maintenance;</li> input/output quality of documents (micrographic or electronic)</li> implementation, inspection and quality control procedures for storage, use and preservation of documents (micrographic or electronic), including supportive metadata;</li> applications involving workflow (process management) in an enterprise and on the Internet;</li> maintenance of quality and integrity during information exchange between systems;</li> procedures and processes supporting legal admissibility and/or integrity and security;</li> management of related audit trail information.</li> Excluded:</p> records management policies and procedures within the scope of TC 46;</li> all work on information, process and production definitions and workflow of industrial automation systems within the scope of TC 184;</li> cinematography, dimensions and labeling of raw-stock film, and the methods within the scope of ISO/TC 42 dealing with testing, rating, classifying and specifying the performance characteristics of processes, materials and devices applicable to photography;</li> work being done by ISO/IEC JTC1 that is within its scope and in particular work of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 23, SC 24, SC 27, SC 28, SC 29, SC 32 and SC 34.</li> NOTE</p> Where potential or actual overlap with other TCs exists JWGs will be actively pursued.</p>

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