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DIN SPEC 66399-3
Office machines - Destruction of data carriers - Part 3: Process for destruction of data carriers

Title (German)

Büro- und Datentechnik - Vernichten von Datenträgern - Teil 3: Prozess der Datenträgervernichtung




The DIN 66399 standard series "Office machines - Destruction of data carriers" consists of the following parts: Part 1: Principles and definitions, Part 2: Requirements for equipment for destruction of data carriers and Part 3 DIN SPEC 66399-3: Process for destruction of data carriers. It is applicable for machinery and equipment the intended use of which is to destroy information carriers containing information in need of protection to the extent that reproduction of the information contained on them is either impossible or significantly aggravated. Part 1 specifies the principles and definitions with regard to destruction of data carriers. Part 2 specifies the requirements for machinery for the safe destruction of data carriers and Part 3 specifies the process step requirements for destruction of data carriers. The standard has been prepared in Working Committee NA 043-01-51 AA "Vernichten von Datenträgern" ("Destruction of data carriers").

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NA 043-04-51 AA - Destruction of data carriers 

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