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DIN 16524-5
Testing of prints and printing inks in graphic technology - Resistance to various physical and chemical influences - Part 5: Resistance to sterilization with autoclave

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Prüfung von Drucken und Druckfarben der Drucktechnik - Widerstandsfähigkeit gegen verschiedene physikalische und chemische Einflüsse - Teil 5: Autoklaven-Sterilisierbeständigkeit


The document specifies a method for the determination of resistance to sterilization with autoclave. The samples for the test are subjected to specified sterilization conditions in the autoclave. The test standard applies for prints on metallic substrates (sheets and strips), plastics and papers. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 017-00-04 AA "Medien und Materialien" ("Media and materials") at DIN.

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NA 043-03-05 AA - Printing and Graphic Technology  

Edition 2012-06
Original language German
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