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DIN ISO 7148-1
Plain bearings - Testing of the tribological behaviour of bearing materials - Part 1: Testing of bearing metals (ISO 7148-1:2012)

Title (German)

Gleitlager - Prüfung des tribologischen Verhaltens von Gleitlagerwerkstoffen - Teil 1: Prüfung von Lagermetallen (ISO 7148-1:2012)


This standard contains the tribological test of metallic bearing materials for plain bearings under conditions of boundary lubrication. ISO 7184-1 on which this standard is based has been prepared by ISO/TC 123 "Plain bearings". Regarding the German collaboration and this translation, Working Committee NA 118-02-02 AA "Werkstoffe, Schmierung, Prüfung" ("Materials, lubrication, testing") at standards committee rolling bearings and plain bearings (NAWGL).

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NA 118-02-02 AA - Materials, lubrication, testing 

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